One of my professors used to joke with me about my writing style. I had a tendency to use the word “it” a lot to identify objects, emotions, and a host of other literary parts of grammar. He defined my tendency as the “cosmic it.” At first I thought it was just a habit that I made with incorrect grammar. However, upon further reflection, I am beginning to believe that it is really an appropriate descriptor I use for life.

It is the mystery behind the known, or the abstract of the physical. Like the commercial that talks about the buying power of it, we never know what it will become, or when we will need it. No matter what it is we can find it. The “cosmic it” also speaks to me about the dynamic balance between the spirit-filled life and the physical expression of life. It means something, but we are not always sure what that void is in our daily life. We know there is something missing but we can’t describe or identify it. That is not to say we can’t identify it at all, but we can recognize that it is something more than what we thought it was.

It can also be something different for different people. In most of my writings I now exchange the word “it” for something a little less cosmic. I find that more defined wording helps people to better understand what I am trying to say. I do have to be careful not to fall back into old habits. When I am sitting at the table writing down the words, deleting the word “it” from my story for the tenth time, I try and remember that there is still a little bit of it in everything. And it also helps remind me that possibly life is full of mystery just hiding within the human experience. It is the stuff that helps us better understand our self, binds us together, and creates a powerful organization. The next time you want to create something special for yourself or your organization don’t forget it. You never know what is out there waiting to change your life or the life of your organization.


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