Faith is a tricky word. When you use the word faith you may be talking about faith in yourself, faith in the universe, or faith in a particular religious lifestyle or person. Many battles have been fought defending faith-mine is right, and yours is wrong. Faith can also be easily lost or found when you become scattered or lose focus about who you are and what you are seeking.

Faith can happen when you feel peace, even in the most chaotic of situations. Think of the person you know who focuses energy on de-fracturing the world even in the face of trauma, illness, or adversity. This person has found a way to focus on faith.

There is also the intersection of individual faith and cumulative faith. Each person and each organization can use this basic principle of faith to both strengthen the people of the organization and the organization as a whole. Any person within an organization can lose faith and fracture, becoming the one chaotic individual who fractures the entire workplace.

Meditation, prayer, yoga, or even a putting green are many ways to try to connect with the elusive faith that many seek. These are tools that help people find and maintain faith. Imagine what your office would feel like if every time a challenging situation occurred the focus moved toward resolving the issue, not bemoaning the problems. You could use these types of tools to offer individuals time to strengthen faith. You can also create a lifestyle of faith that is embedded in the behavior of the people. Each opportunity for faith becomes the foundation of life and work and bind relationships that help keep the internal movement peaceful when chaos controls the situation. Faith in people, organizations, or the infinite universe support this type of work environment.

The next time you need a little faith, for personal or organizational development, here are a few starting points to help gain focus:

  1. Choose PIMS words (Personal Intentional Mission Statement) -Adjectives that describe who you want to be as a person. (Hint: These would have to be mending words so as not to fracture if you are looking for overall cumulative peace- behaviors you can control (friendly, efficient, helpful…)
  2. Match Words to Actions- When words and actions do not match then fractures occur, which ultimately fractures a person or an organization.
  3. Align Beliefs with Reality (Observable Reality)- Is this something we can all agree on or is it a personal perception/belief? Is there judgment of good or bad or wrong or right?

How can you change work or life with a little faith?

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