“Trust is a major component of a successful organization. It is a building block of relationship and a necessary part of a successful interaction.” from the book Fixing the Problem, Making changes in how you deal with challenges.  Card_Trust

The three activities listed on this simple card are printable. Use the card as a reminder of the value that trust has in creating strong relationships.

  1. Actions are the true measure of a person or an organization. If words and actions do not match, then authenticity is fractured.
  2. When you judge something or someone as good or bad, or wrong or right the focus remains on the problem, not on the solution.
  3. Choose your goals and keep the focus on those goals. These are work goals (completing the project) or behavior goals (being friendly, helpful…) This focus saves time and energy, moving people in the same direction. Think about how much time you spend talking about the problems.

If you would like a free copy of Fixing the Problem, Making changes in how you deal with challenges, go to expectations-reality.com and join the member page. The complete book is available on this page.

Lynette Reed


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