What could your organization look like with a different state of mind? 

Time is speeding up. If you look at the history of the world, we are a much faster-paced society due to some of the wonderful inventions that change the way we live.

Human life has gone from using walking as the only form of transportation to multiple forms of transportation that can take a person around the world and back again as part of their work week.

We no longer have to walk to the neighbor’s house to share a bit of information or even call someone on our landline phone to find out how things are going.

With technology, we are faster, more efficient, and able to produce a lifestyle that has never been imagined before this time.

So how can we stay connected to ourselves, to other people, and to the world in this forward moving place?

One proposal involves stopping technology from having a part in our lives. Another way includes going completely off the grid and become a hermit. Another way is to just ignore the speed.

Another proposal, which is starting to take hold, is called mindfulness. Mindfulness might also be paired with the word balance. Instead of trying to overcompensate for the speed we can slow life down a bit by becoming intentional about the way that we live our lives and manage our organizations.

Mindfulness, when practiced daily, keeps us on the fast track without losing our balance. Mindfulness can also include taking breaks during the day to reset yourself. Some people might find this balance through golfing quietly by themselves, walking through the woods, meditation, yoga, or even sitting and reading a good book, anything that slows your day down and manages speed.

With mindfulness you do not have to lose the race but rather manage the speed at which you go through the hectic lifestyle, which is a part of many of today’s societies.

The key to mindfulness is to find something, a practice, that slows you down either mentally or physically so that you are more intentional about the choices you make and the actions you take.

Mindfulness should take you from the feeling of careening out of control down the hill to a place of peacefulness. Then you can take that sense of peace and use it as a tool to create a business, manage people, or to create a more cohesive life for yourself for your organization.

Mindfulness is a state of mind.

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