Each group has its mix of diversity in the form of ethnic backgrounds, religion, culture, or even politics. Turn on the television, or go to one of your favorite news phone apps, and you will see the diverse, often passionate, opinions and beliefs that abound. What I have enjoyed seeing recently are the pictures of people finding solutions that bring people together within the adversity. Images of picnics instead of riots, hugs instead of hits, even in the worst situations, people have found the opportunity for choice in how they act.

The world is already a violent place, maybe these intentional moments of care help bring a little cohesion to an event. Although these voluntary actions may not cure all the ills of the world, they might contribute to making a difference for those who are seeking solutions to the anger and frustration of today’s society. How can you take adverse actions and use that energy for a positive change? How do you change your thoughts toward cohesive solutions? Simple intentional actions can change you, your organization, or your community. The starting question is, do you want the change?











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